Blarney castle

Blarney castle
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Thing 23

1. My favorite exercise or discovery in the 23 things was absolutely the photostory program. It may be because it is so fresh in my mind but I can see that this is a program that I will certainly use again. I also feel like it is something that my elementary students could use. Some of these programs would be too challenging for my students but this would work perfectly with their capabilities.
2. I have heard over and over for the past 2 years how web2.0 skills are a necessity for librarians. Honestly, the people that spoke those words to me might as well have been speaking a foreign language. I had NO idea what they were talking about. I am walking away from this project with a better understanding of web2.0 and a desire to learn more. I loved incorporating computer activities into my lessons before but I feel like the door has been opened to so many more possibilities. I also feel like I have lost some of the intimidation that I felt when working with some of these programs.
3. One of the unexpected outcomes of the 23 programs for me was the realization that I am very capable of figuring out how to use many of these tools. That may sound odd that I am surprised by this but there are days that I see myself as quite an “old girl” and so much of it seems (well for lack of a better word) difficult. If I just trust myself, get in there and try it, it is amazing what I can accomplish. Maybe that is a lesson that we need to teach some of our students.
4. I have no complaints about the format or concept. I only wish that I would have taken this during a time that I was a little less busy so that I could spend more time “playing.” I am thankful that I can always go back to visit some of the lessons.
5. I would love to participate in another program if it was offered a year from now. At this point in my life I feel like my main focus is graduating and becoming a wife, parent, daughter etc. again.
6. Bountiful!


  1. well done! You uncovered some of the hidden agenda for doing this. Being able to figure out things on your own is so necessary in this fast-changing world.

    we do need to have a little conversationas to why your blog opens and scrolls so slowly!

  2. Sadly I know the reason. I was told early on that the overlay was causing a problem but I REALLY liked the picture. UGH....such a dilemma. I LOVE the look but the speed makes me crazy. If I keep up with my 23 things then I will have to change the background.