Blarney castle

Blarney castle
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Thing 16

Wikis can be used to collaborate with other librarians, teachers, as well as students. One of the problems that I may see is that our district has such secure webservers that it may block usage. However they can use it at home for projects such as vocabulary words.
Currently I am taking a YA lit class and we use a wiki for posts on books that we have read. I have enjoyed reading what other users have contributed. I also love the simplicity of the site.

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  1. Yes, the simplicity of a wiki is definitely a plus. You can use a wiki with your students to post everything from student assignments to their 2.0 creations. As a librarian, you can use a wiki for posting calendars (an easy way for teachers to sign up for times to come to the library with their classes and/or visit a book fair) and for posting student products. The possibilities are endless!