Blarney castle

Blarney castle
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Thing 15

Library 2.0 is a concept involving more technically savvy libraries. This can include alternate ways to provide information for the 21st century learner as well as those that educate the student. These informed librarians are not quick to jump the gun in terms of upgrading current systems or software. It is important that a Library media specialist is aware of current changes and whether these updates are required or will be beneficial to his or her student population. It is not imperative that ALL new media be acquired as it is released. A LMS must be able to evaluate the pros and cons of different technologies as it advances. This allows the LMS to be fiscally responsible as well as a good stewart of his or her budget.

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  1. and also to double check with the Tech Services Dept to see if it will "fit" the district network issues! Isn't that just the most frustrating part of all of this...wondering if it is going to work at school...or even be available at school.