Blarney castle

Blarney castle
This is why I am so eloquent (LOL)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thing 5

For thing 5 I needed to visit Flickr to find a picture to place on my blog. Wow there are so many pictures to choose from. I chose a picture from Blarney Castle. I kissed the Blarney stone when I was 14. I thought that it would be really funny to share with you that this is why I am so eloquent! HAHA!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thing 4

I registered my blog with my professor.

Thing 3

I was able to create an avatar with the help of my friend Karen Kirk. We were able to collaborate on this project. :)
How do you like the terminology?
I followed the directions on blogger and yahoo to create the avatar. :)

Thing 2

Thing 2:

The habit that I found to be the easiest was habit #7 1/2 "know the value of play." I have almost always been able to figure out a way to have a good time. I think that it is important that the children at our school know that education can be a blast. I want to create an enviroment where our students choose to be lifelong learners.

The habit that I found to be the hardest was habit #4 " have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner." Typically, I can figure out how to do things but it takes me a long time because I don't trust myself to do it right the first time and I expect myself to do it right.