Blarney castle

Blarney castle
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thing 2

Thing 2:

The habit that I found to be the easiest was habit #7 1/2 "know the value of play." I have almost always been able to figure out a way to have a good time. I think that it is important that the children at our school know that education can be a blast. I want to create an enviroment where our students choose to be lifelong learners.

The habit that I found to be the hardest was habit #4 " have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner." Typically, I can figure out how to do things but it takes me a long time because I don't trust myself to do it right the first time and I expect myself to do it right.


  1. You folks in elementary, especially in the lower grades, do have the advantage of understanding the value of play as a way to learn...those of us who work with older students tend to forget that and that is a disadvantage to us!
    It is good that you come to the 2.0 world with that in your postive column, because you will be more successful faster! and will have a whole lot more fun!

  2. Christi -

    I have issues with habit #4, as well. I put a lot of pressure on myself and get extremely intimidated when I'm with a group of peers in a learning environment. - ESPECIALLY when they all have more experience than me. lol I don't trust myself to be as qualified as they are or as intelligent because I lack their experience and expertise. I really need to work on having confidence in myself as an "competent, effective learner." If you figure out the secret, please let me know.